Direct Sales Planner

Are you looking for the best Direct Sales Planner

You have come to the right place!!

This planner was designed with direct sellers and network marketers in mind. Designed by a top direct seller she realized that most planners didn’t have all the things she needed for her home-based business. Most weekly, monthly and daily planners on the market don’t have all the sections you need for your business.

We love digital tools but sometimes a good paper plan helps keep us organized. 

This planner includes a few sections

Vision Board

 This section is where you think big. Think about your big dreams and your big vision for yourself in life. Don’t limit yourself! For example, it could be I want to take a dream trip to Fiji, I want to renovate my basement, and add a 25,000-square-foot house.

Weekly Planner

keep track of all your appointments, regular ones, school, work or children. 

Mileage tracker

 if you are driving keep track of how long it takes to get to events such as vendor events, parties, and conferences. Make sure you talk to your accountant or bookkeeper and have it all ready for the end of the year for taxes.

Expense tracker

Keep track of all your business expenses on this tracker! Talk to your local accountant, or bookkeeper to figure out what you can expense and what you can’t.